About Tom

Tom Timberman

A 22-year resident of Kent County, an Army veteran and a graduate of Georgetown University, Tom has been the KC representative on the MD 

Workforce Investment Board for eight years and is a former secretary of the KC Democratic Central Committee. Tom has had careers as a lawyer and an 

international economic development consultant, and is the editor of Common Sense Eastern Shore.


I believe our future should not be shaped by accident or outsiders.

I believe the KENT 2025 PLAN will give us the future we want.

I believe KENT 2025 Plan can only result from a Strategic Planning Process.

I believe this process should be led by the County Commission and Government with the active participation of:

  • Voters
  • County Government office directors
  • Incorporated town governments
  • Special interest groups
  • Representatives of all County demographic segments
  • Outside experts as needed.

I believe KENT 2025 Plan must determine the:

  • Public services needed to meet our needs and attract families.
  • Kinds of employers to match our culture and environment.
  • Content of a KC total-life package to keep and draw others here:

  1. A First Class educational system.
  2. A 21st Century skill-set training facility.
  3. Comprehensive local health care for all age groups.
  4. Natural beauty.
  5. A range of retail offerings.
  6. A full selection of modern life-style recreation.

We believe KENT 2025 PLAN cannot be developed, implemented or maintained without:

  • Respect for our centuries of history and evolved way of life.
  • Anticipating problems or issues and planning solutions or workarounds in advance.
  • Seeking out and recruiting employers, service providers and expertise.
  • Firm commitment to a disciplined, proactive approach including national outreach.