Frequently Asked Questions

Why run?

  • I have lived here for 22 years.  
  • I have one solid shared belief: I want to help our home, friends and neighbors to succeed.
  • I am committed to applying my  experiences and perspectives to benefit all of us.

What is Your focus?

  • Commissioners work with all residents, town governments and decide our future here.
  • What services and environment do we want Kent to offer in 2025?
  • Tell me what your particular life-situation needs are: Child care? Health care? Addiction treatment? Public transportation? Advanced job training? More employers with career paths?
  • More entertainment and recreation options.

What would you do better and different from the past?

  • Better and longer term planning.
  • More commission/citizen/town government collaboration.
  • Update and rigorously apply zoning and other regulations.
  • Proactively recruit the kind of businesses and employers we want. Don’t wait for firms and entrepreneurs to contact us.  Also anticipate tourist infrastructure need.